Holiday Home Bruges De Pepel

De Pepel ’ House Rules '

These house rules have been drawn up with the aim of ensuring you have an enjoyable stay in our bungalow. We hope it meets your expectations.

* Number of guests:

Our house is equipped for max. 5 persons.

2 babies up to the age of 2 years, we make an exception. However, please report at reservation.

When we determine that the maximum number of people, given upon reservation, is exceeded, we reject any responsibility.

* ‘De Pepel’ is a strictly non – smoking area. However, you may smoke outside, but only outside. On the garden table, an ashtray is provided for ash and cigarette butts.

* Fires are not allowed in the garden .

* The garden has been recently landscaped and is tended each week by the owners. Please respect the plants and the work put in by the owners.

* Please familiarise yourself with the list of things that can go wrong inside the house!!

* Leave doors free and unencumberd and don’t place objects in their way. They are your escape route in the case of an emergency. IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.

* Avoid making too much noise and respect the peace and quiet of the neighbors.

* We cannot be held liable for the loss of your personal belongings.

* Take care to lock the house up when leaving, even for a short while, as you will be held liable for any loss or theft that occurs during your stay. Don’t bring any valuables with you if you don’t need them.

* All cases of theft will be reported (to the police).

* Turn off any appliances after use.

* You’ll find the wifi wireless key in the information folder we provide on arrival.

* Waste should be sorted :

1. Paper in the cardboard box in the wicker basket

2. Plastic water bottles, tin cans and other plastic or metallic food containers and beverage cartons (Tetra Brik) in the blue plastic bag marked “PMD”

3. Glass in the glass bucket

4. All remaining refuse in the brown waste disposal bag

5. The composter only takes 'uncooked'vegetable matter


* Cutlery and accessories needs to be properly cleaned and put back where they were found.

* If you have moved any furniture, please return it to where you found it on arrival. You will be held liable for any damages you may cause by moving things around .

* We do expect you to leave the house in a clean and orderly condition.

* If anything gets broken, please let us know, so we can replace it.

* For the sake of the environment, we kindly ask you not to use excessive amounts of water and to turn off the lights when you no longer need them .

* Although we have already provided each mattress with a waterproof cover , we do require you to bring additional protection in case of incontinence. We will have to charge you for any supplementary cleaning costs we may incur.


Antoon De Lensstraat 19 BRUGES ASSEBROEK B-8310 +32478614404 INFO@PEPEL.BE BTW : BE 0867.569.285