Holiday Home Bruges De Pepel

De Pepel ’ House Rules '

These house rules have been drawn up with the aim of ensuring you have an enjoyable stay in our bungalow. We hope it meets your expectations.

* Number of guests:

Our property is equipped for max. 5 people.
This number can be exceptionally increased for 2 children up to the age of 2 years. Please report this by reservation.
If we find out that the maximum number of people specified on reservation is exceeded, we are forced to deduct a flat-rate amount of EUR 100 from the guarantee.

* Our property is smoke-free
Smoking can only be done outside.
There are ashtrays on the garden table in front for your ashes and cigarette butts.

*It is not allowed to make fire in the garden. Barbecuing in the garden is not allowed.

* We respect nature. You too?
As a holiday home we are the proud owners of a GREEN KEY label.
I.e. we are an environmentally friendly holiday home.
The garden is a young nature garden that is maintained weekly by the owners. Take care abbout the plants!
*Devices you used indoors like to turn off again. Please switch the lights off after use.
* Because of the environment, we ask you not to use any unnecessary amount of water.
* Waste needs to be sorted, it is your responsibility:
1.Paper & cardboard in wicket basket in the conservatory.
2.PMD and all clean plastic in fitted white bin in the kitchen
3.Glass in fitted white bin in the kitchen
4.Residual waste in trash can in the kitchen (full pockets in large black dumpster outside)
5.Green Compost bin in the garden near the porch only serves for uncooked vegetable residues.
6.Table scraps in black bin in the kitchen or at the back door

* Take note of the calamity overview in the home: 
* Release doors and do not put any attributes for it... It's your escape route...It can save your live!
* Do not make noise between 10.00 pm and 08.00 am to respect the peace for local residents.
* We are not liable for the disappearance of your personal property. Therefore, do not bring unnecessary valuables.
* During your absence, make sure that the property is locked because you are liable for loss and theft from the property during your stay. We report theft to the police.
*Cleaning : We expect you to leave the house neatly, broom-clean.
 When we have to appoint a professional cleaning firm to clean the house, the costs for this will be charged of the guarantee after presentation of the invoice of the cleaning firm.
* Although we have already provided a waterproof mattress cover on each mattress, we do ask for extra protection in case of incontinence. Additional cleaning costs are charged with the guarantee.
* Crockery and kitchen utensils should be placed cleanly back in the cupboards, where it came from.
* Furniture that has been moved, please put it back on the original place. Damage from the move should be reimbursed.
* Toys, books and DVDs like everything back in the same place.

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