Holiday Home Bruges De Pepel

General terms and conditions governing tenancies at 'HOLIDAY HOME BRUGES DE PEPEL’

Tenancy conditions

1. The landlord shall be bound by this tenancy agreement only once he has received the down-payment.

2. The landlord undertakes to make the rented property available to the tenant at the agreed time in a clean state and in good order.

3. The landlord may inspect the rented property at any reasonable time.

4. The tenant may not, without the prior written permission of the landlord, let the rented property to third parties or allow more people to stay in the house than agreed at the time the reservation was made.

5. The tenant shall treat the rented property with due diligence and maintain it in a clean and proper manner. The tenant shall be liable for any damage or loss caused during his tenancy to the rented property, to the furnishings, fixtures and fittings and household effects and undertakes to make good any such damage or loss forthwith. At the end of the tenancy, the tenant shall return the property in good order and in a clean and tidy condition.

6. Other than guidedogs pets ar not allowed.

7. The tenant shall use the property solely for the purpose of spending a holiday there. Accordingly the tenant may not elect domicile there nor carry on any trade, profession or business on the premises. 

8. No appliances may be used for cooking or for washing other than those provided or installed by the landlord.

9. Beds may not be slept upon without bed linen.

10. The tenant may not cause any nuisance to the neighbours by making excessive noise or playing loud music.

11. The tenant undertakes to park his vehicles in the parking spaces provided.  Parking in the garden or on the grass is prohibited.

12. The tenant shall inform the landlord in writing or by telephone not later than the day the tenancy starts if his arrival is delayed.

General conditions

13. Upon entering the holiday bungalow, the tenant shall be deemed to accept the rented property together with its contents as listed in the inventory presented, as being in good condition and free of damage. The tenant shall not otherwise be entitled to any price reduction or compensation for damage.

14. The landlord shall not be held liable for theft of or damage to any property belonging to the tenant. Neither shall the landlord be held liable for any nuisance caused by third parties.

Cancellation and Termination

15. The landlord may, without formal notice or application to the court, consider the registration as cancelled or the tenancy as terminated where:

a. the rent has not been paid in full by the start of the tenancy, or

b. any of the terms and conditions set out in Articles 4 to 12 above have not been met.


16. The tenant shall pay a deposit of € 1000,00 ( One Thousand EUROS) by a reservation on a credit card.

This deposit shall be released on the credit card within 7 days following his departure, after deduction of costs incurred through compensation for any damage.

If the damage is higher than € 1000,00 , the credit card will be charged for the total amount of costs incurred of the damage.

The tenant will recieve a detailled list of the reparations and an invoice.

Conditions of payment.

1. The down-payment (50 %) for the reservation must reach De Pepel not later than 8 days after the reservation has been made. Upon receipt of the down-payment, De Pepel will confirm the reservation by email. The balance (50 %) must be settled not later than 2 months before the start of tenancy.

2. If the reservation is made less than 6 weeks before the start of the tenancy, the full amount must reach De Pepel not later than 5 days after the reservation has been made. Upon receipt of the full amount, De Pepel will confirm the reservation by email. 

3. Reservations within 1 week of the tenancy may be made only by email. Your reservation will be confirmed by De Pepel insofar as is possible. The full amount must be paid immediately by creditcard .


Cancellation (for whatever reason) by a prospective tenant of a confirmed tenancy agreement shall give rise to compensation.

Such compensation shall amount:

- where the cancellation occurs more than three months before the start of the tenancy, to 25 per cent of the agreed price;

- where the cancellation occurs less than three months but more than two weeks before the start of the tenancy, to 75 per cent of the agreed price;

- where the cancellation occurs within two weeks of the start of the tenancy, to 100 per cent of the agreed price.

That compensation shall be refunded, less the reservation costs (10%), where a third party proposed by the tenant and accepted in writing by ' HOLIDAY HOME BRUGES De Pepel' takes the place of the tenant and reserves for the same period.


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